You will experience a little journey through time by discovering ancestral braiding techniques.

You will go behind the scenes of leather goods in the heart of Amandine's workshop, all these parts and manipulations hidden in your bag or accessory will no longer hold any secrets for you.

After having selected your leather colors, you will come to the table, not to taste it, be patient, but to prepare each piece of the puzzle before assembly in 3D. That is to say: gluing, installation of accessories or reinforcement, sanding, ironing, staining, etc.

Then, you will have a relaxing time discovering the benefits of braiding!

You will also have the chance to approach Amandine's faithful machine, don't be afraid, she is imposing, but does not bite, she will be able to guide you during the sensitive step of stitching.

But here we are already at the end of the adventure, a few more finishing touches and pampering, all that's missing is a little walk in front of the mirror!

You will leave this workshop with a unique room to store all your treasures and reveal your creativity!