Slow fashion

The waste caused by fast fashion is no longer sustainable, it is one of the most polluting industries in the world and we must think differently about fashion.

At Suki, our collections are designed and manufactured in Paris in our own workshop. We control the entire manufacturing chain from sourcing to sale, always keeping in mind the harmony of means and the excellence of materials.

We obtain our supplies via short circuit from our resellers based in Paris and we stock as little as possible. Our leathers come from French and Italian companies, which guarantees quality and traceability.

Atelier de maroquinerie à Paris. Boutique de maroquinerie à Paris 17. Pochette en cuir upcyclé au design unique avec ses motifs poétiques. Maroquinerie française engagée dans une mode locale et durable. Sac à main et petite maroquinerie made in France avec des cuirs italiens. Pochette personnalisable.

Our capsule collections

are designed from leathers from the dormant stocks of luxury houses.

Over the years, we have created a privileged relationship with our suppliers who all invest in a committed fashion, creative and qualitative.

We also strive to use the smallest scrap for our sheathing or braiding ornaments. With parsimonious use of these precious materials and infinite patience, Suki is committed throughout its production cycle to a Steps artisanal And environmentally friendly.

Our know-how finally allows us to offer you a service of repair and of personalization to bring all your desires to life.

All our parts are made in small series and sometimes even in unique pieces, each one carries a story.