1. How do I properly care for my leather goods? It is recommended to regularly apply a cream and a waterproofing agent to nourish and protect its surface. Avoid exposure to water and excessive heat.
    2. How can I clean stains on my leather item? It is recommended to use a specific leather cleaner depending on the type of stain. Avoid using abrasive products which could damage the leather. If in doubt, go to a dry cleaner.
    3. Can my leather fade over time? Yes, leather can naturally fade over time, especially if exposed to direct sunlight. To minimize this effect, store it away from light and heat. Know that we can give pep to your leathers with our repair service.
    4. What is vegetable tanned leather? Vegetable tanning is a process that uses natural plant extracts (bark, root) to work the leather instead of chemicals such as chromium that are harmful to humans and the environment.
    5. How can I personalize my leather items? Suki paris offers you a personalization service on its articles. A choice of leathers and colors can be offered on request. It is also possible to engrave a message, a date, a first name, or initials on our products. Contact us to learn more about customization options.
    6. My leather item is damaged, can I have it repaired? Suki paris offers a repair service, contact us to learn more about our options.
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