Accessories made to last

suki paris maroquinerie artisanal eco responsable paris 17 tannage vegetal


We mainly work with vegetable-tanned full-grain cowhide leather to give a unique touch to each piece, the grain being worked randomly.

Beyond its aesthetic qualities, vegetable tanning is an alternative that respects human health and nature.

Vegetable tanning has existed since prehistoric times, making it one of the oldest processes designed by humans. Tannin comes from natural substances such as bark, leaves, seeds, or roots.

suki paris maroquinerie paris 17 tannage vegetal, marque eco responsable, slow fashion


Due to its rigidity, vegetable tanning generates fewer losses when cutting. More solid, better held and with a greater ability to absorb moisture, vegetable tanning ages better and becomes more beautiful over the years with a nice patina.

Our leathers and our accessories are all from France or Italy and carefully selected, for the harmony of style and the durability of our creations. With patience and meticulousness, we attach particular care to each of our finishes. Sheathing, marquetry, braiding and edge dyeing, each of these techniques are put to the service of our creativity.

Each of our accessories carries a story.